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*In honor of John Lewis and all those making Good Trouble to make our world a better place.

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Jeffrey Kelly

Jeffrey Kelly

Nov 16. An aspiring master builder in business and life, Jeff enjoy tinkering, exploring, and games of skill. 
Jeff graduated from a technology management career at companies like Expedia, Microsoft, and Amazon to start Butterflyly and AssetLab. 

Business, Politics & Psychometrics

Business, Politics & Psychometrics

Nov 9: Natasha Todorovic-Cowan, CEO and co-founder of the National Values-Center Consulting (and owner of SPIRAL DYNAMICS® brand) helps organizations through the challenges of change, cultures in conflict, messy strategic partnerships, dysfunctional teams, and strategic change.


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Personal Development

Getting through significant life events

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by Ellen Langer | Your Mindset Rules

New Paths to Meaning: Jung & Aging

by James Hollis | Psychology

The End Of Life: A Chaplain's Perspective

by Marilyn Morris | Spirituality

Scarcity or Abundance?

by Piero Manrique | The Eye of the Artist

Social Change

Impacting our social systems and organizations

Pulling at Psychological and Geopolitical Threads

by Charles Strozier | Inside Violent Extremism

The Missing Dimension Of Statecraft?

by Douglas Johnston | Religion


About Karen

Host, thought leader, and best-selling author Karen Judd Smith brings us the inside stories from today’s leading change-makers.

The Show

See how successful change leaders in development, politics, science and technology, business, culture and sports transform the burden of today’s problems and adversity into the gold of personal strength and dramatic social change. 

Other Programs

In addition to her show, Karen actively strengthens the change leaders around the globe through her signature program Social Enterpreneurship Mastery and online mentorship and networking for mission driven leaders and social change makers.


Let us know if there is someone you would like interviewed, or a country you would like to hear more about—beyond the headlines!