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Global Matters

VR Special | Aired February 16th, 2022

We talked with 2 industry leaders. Joe Millward heads the Innovation Lab in Australia’s TAFE system in Sydney, NSW where he works with over 1000 students learning the science and art of developing  functional VR for use on main street. Kerestell Smith aka LemmingVR is the solo dev of a blockbuster VR game “Gorilla Tag” that seems to have struck a nerve in with the simian in us!

I&I| February 22nd, 2022

3 Brains: The Quick, Quick, Slow of Negotiations & What this Means for Successful Outcomes

Karen Judd Smith talks about the human elements that shape our goals, pathways, feelings and actions that are part of every relationship.

Insight & Influence explores “what works” in human affairs so we might live better together.

What affects our decisions? What is the same about us and what is different? How can we strengthen our agency? Our happiness? Our performance? Our satisfaction?

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See how successful change leaders in development, politics, science and technology, business, culture and sports transform the burden of today’s problems and adversity into the gold of personal strength and dramatic social change. 

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Host, thought leader, and best-selling author Karen Judd Smith brings us the inside stories from today’s leading change-makers.

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In addition to her show, Karen actively strengthens the change leaders around the globe through her training, mentorship and networking for mission driven leaders and change makers.

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