The Influential Mind

The Influential Mind

From prisons, to the workplace, schools, for families, and women impacted by violence and abuse, Quinn guides her clients towards their natural state of well-being.

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The Eye of the Artist: Scarcity or Abundance?

by Piero Manrique | Art & Culture

Terrorists Leveraging The Fundamentalist Mindset

by Charles B. Strozier | Pulling at Psychological and Geopolitical Threads

Mindfulness Can Reverse The Effects Of Disease & Aging

by Ellen Langer | Your Mindset Rules

New Paths to Meaning: Jung & Aging

by James Hollis | Psychology

What Are Russians Thinking Today ?

by Vladimir Petrovsky | Politics and Culture

Perspectives on The Russian Mindset From The Borders of Lithuania and Downtown Brooklyn

by Judith Sedaitis | Culture and Politics

The Missing Dimension Of Statecraft?

by Douglas Johnston | Religion

The End Of Life: A Chaplain's Perspective

by Marilyn Morris | Spirituality